Selection Box - 8 x Premium Jellyologist Mixes

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Selection Box - 8 x Premium Jellyologist Mixes

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Have our kit but need more mixes? Or have a jelly mould you’ve been meaning to try? Or do you just want a bowl of Apple & Elderflower jelly for breakfast every morning? We now have the ability to send out mixed packs of our jelly mixes.

They come in mixed boxes of 8 - we guarantee you'll get at least one of each flavour. If you would like a customised selection please itemise in the "order special instructions" box on checkout

Unfortunately Chocolate Lamington is NOT currently available for this selection

Happy jellying!

★★★★★ Incredible service! Thanks so much Cath
★★★★★ We love your jelly and have so much fun making them for our Granddaughter Ingrid
★★★★★ Jelly on the go I absolutely love this one, refreshing and great for keeping the kids entertained. Annie